Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kid Kitchen vs. The Halloween Candy

 So we're nearly two weeks post-Halloween and I'd like to think we've put a pretty substantial dent in the Halloween candy.  But let's face it, there's some of those candies that are a much harder sell than others.  And of course they're the ones that you get the most of.

Tootsie rolls.  Yes, great little treat, not such an easy sell at my house.  So they've been accumulating in the bottom of the candy dish.  Because not only did we get them for Halloween but it seems EVERY parade you go to that is the candy of choice to toss.  So we have more than the average share of tootsie rolls.  What to do with them?

Turn them into a Kid Kitchen cookie of course!  I ran across the recipe for Tootsie Roll cookies quite awhile back and Noah has been begging to make them.  In hopes of eliminating some of them today I caved and we made them as part of Kid Kitchen today.

HUGE success.  They loved them!  Not only making them (Noah especially) but I have it on the record that they are one of Noah's favorite cookies now.  Chalk one up for the Mama.

And in keeping with our recent run of letting them help me make dinner for the night, too, we put together beans and weenies (Grandma and Aunt Sarah, they said they'd save you some).  I even (deep breath) let Noah cut up all the hot dogs.  Without any interference.  I'm growing ;-)

Sibling love

 Noah's first job was to go through the candy and find the tootsie rolls

 Then they had to unwrap them all

 Noah rolled all the cookies into balls

 Kayla's job was to put the tootsie roll in the center of the cookie


 Noah was really proud of his rolling job

 Noah's mad knife skills

 Adding everything together

 Giving it a good stir

 These baked up beautifully

 Noah's first taste

Kayla too


  1. Beans and weenies!?!?!??!! All I need is some chips to scoop them up . . . . I'll arm wrestle Aunt Sarah for her portion, too! The cookies look great! Love, Grandma

  2. Papa Tom and I love weenie beans, too. Can we have some? Cute pics. Thanks so much, Kristi, for posting the pics and updates. We love them down here.