Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

 When the ultrasound tech told me that Mikayla was a girl, I will admit to initial panic.  I had no clue what to do with a girl.  I had been old enough to 'help' with Scott and of course had a year of raising a boy with Noah under my belt by then, but the girl thing seemed waaaayyy beyond me.

No one would ever accuse me of being a girly girl.  I'm much more comfortable in a pony tail and jeans than frills and curls.  I never really got into the princess thing and Barbies and baby dolls were a passing fad.  I don't have the shoe gene and purses baffle me.  I like clothes and shopping but I wouldn't consider myself trendy or stylish by any stretch of the imagination.  Make-up is a skill that totally bypassed me.  I was afraid I would totally ruin a little girl!

Fortunately Mikayla does girly all on her own!  She even sometimes inspires me to try a little harder to enjoy being a girl.  She loves to dress up, do her hair and considers herself quite the princess.  So every once in awhile I give in to those girly joys and spoil her a little bit.  One girly thing I totally enjoy is a good mani or pedi and it's fun for me to share that at home with Kayla.

When we were out running errands today we had stopped by Michael's for some things for tomorrow's Kid Kitchen.  The line for check-out was ridiculously long and both Noah and Kayla were pretty good about waiting.  So as we're (finally!) checking out the check-out lady says they have these grab bags full of discontinued items they are giving away and could the kids have one.  Well sure!  It made the wait a little easier to handle.

We brought it home and found a nail sticker kit that Mikayla went ga-ga over.  So post-nap I promised to paint her nails for her and put on the stickers.  The little miss is ridiculously happy now and this Mama is breathing a little easier about having a little girl.

Had to share a picture of the 'acorns' Noah and I made together yesterday afternoon for him to take to school for his Thanksgiving feast today.  They were a huge hit and oh so easy :)

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  1. She is so cute! I'm with you, Kristi. Hate to clothes shop, didn't inherit the shoe or purse thing either. Make-up, well, Gramma TX was really good at that! But I do love me a good mani/pedi! Cookies are cute!