Thursday, November 29, 2012


 I'm thinking of contacting my local Congress person in the next few days as I think I may have discovered today one of the most vile forms of torture that would cause any terrorist to think twice about messing with us if this would be the consequence if they were caught; shopping at Toys R Us mere weeks before Christmas with two 'under fives' while they are armed with the knowledge you  are NOT buying them anything.  I'm a mom therefore used to dealing with these kind of situations and the thought of this terrified even me.

I may be stretching this a little too far as in all honesty, my two kiddos handled it fairly well.  It could have been that while she knew she wasn't getting one of the many toys she informed me she's putting on her 'list for Santa' Mikayla knew we were out to find her a bank.  And after I read Noah the riot act for throwing a fit in the car because he wasn't getting another bank, I think he may have known better than to mess with me too much.  So we made it through Toys R Us fairly unscathed (and I did come away with a few more shopping ideas...) but completely unsuccessful on the bank front.

So we tried the Big Lots next door.  Nada.
Then the Five and Below next to that.  Nope.  Though they did have one in the shape of a toilet that 'flushed' when you put money in it.  Fortunately Mikayla was not in the least bit interested.
Marshall's.  Nothing.
The Christian Book Store.  Uh-uh.
Justice.  No.  They did have a safe, though, the clerk informed me.  We passed.
Kohl's.  No such luck.
JoAnn's.  Zilch.
In my desperation we even stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home.  They had an Angry Birds bank, but Mikayla is not as taken with that as Noah is (fortunately) so it didn't even tempt her.

By this time it is almost 1:30, they haven't had any lunch and my poor little girl is close to heart broken.  I had to call in the big guns...  I phoned Grant at work who assured her if she was good the rest of the day, took a bath after her nap and ate all her dinner, he would take her out and hunt high and low until they found exactly what she wanted.  I then sweetened the pot by telling her that if she and Daddy had no luck I would take her to the Disney Store tomorrow after Noah got out of school.

So after dinner they set out and Grant (God bless him) had more luck than I did - at another Toys R Us for that matter!  And while it wasn't a princess bank (you'll have to check out the pics to see what she found) she was thrilled.  When she came home I asked multiple times if she was OK with it not being princess and she was adamant about keeping what she had that she was very happy.  Happy Mikayla  = Happy Mama.  So we 'fed' both piggies tonight and now all is right with the world.  Thank goodness Daddy was able to come to the rescue!

(Sorry about the goofy pictures, I could not get her to hold still long enough to get a decent one.)

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