Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Perfect Imperfections

 I am a perfectionist.  I am an organizer.  I am one who functions best under a plan with everything going according to plan.  I am not good at spontaneity.  I don't do well with messes.  I believe everything has a place and when something is not in use it should be in that place.

But before every one of those other things I am a Mom.  Further, I am a Mom to two adorable 'five and unders' who would like to take all of those things I mentioned and throw them out the window.

So I am learning.

I am learning that perfect is in the eye of the beholder.  Sometimes to me what is a blaring imperfection is actually pure magic because they did it themselves.

I am learning that it is OK to be organized, but the ability to bend from that structure is a blessing.

I am learning that while it's good to have a plan in mind, sometimes the best moments happen exactly when that plan is crumbling around you.  

I am learning that if you can't appreciate a moment of spontaneous action every once in awhile you're going to miss out.  You can't plan the perfect smile or moment of joy, it just happens.  Usually when you're least experiencing it.

I'm learning that messes can be cleaned up but need to be made.  There is a learning experience in there that helped create the mess that should be embraced.  Plus the ability to let them make a mess makes you a really cool Mom.

I'm learning that at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if the clothes are organized in the closet according to sleeve length and color (OK, it does for my closet but not theirs) and that if a toy stays out all night on the floor the world isn't going to end and the bigger lesson comes in having them pick it up instead of doing it for them.

So on this day before Thanksgiving when we remember all the things we're thankful for, I am most thankful that I am learning.  Every single second of every single minute of every single day.  And I am thankful for the two littlest teachers in my life who are patiently teaching me all these lessons.  I am thankful that they love their perfection seeking Mama because she isn't perfect.

The kiddos worked away on table decorations for tomorrow's feast 

 The finished place mats 

 Apple turkeys!  Which they did ALL BY THEMSELVES!  I am so proud of them!!  We figured out that Mikayla was in charge of giving Noah the toothpicks, picking out three gumdrops (which she counted and told Noah the color of each one) and then Noah put them on the toothpicks and then put them in the apples.

 Mikayla was just as interested in eating the gum drops as she was counting them

 Fine motor skills at work - go Noah!

Best. Apple. Turkeys. EVER!

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