Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daily Giggle

First off, since I didn't mention it in my earlier post (though not because I forgot about it, I did email them earlier and tried to call!) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my amazingly wonderful parents.  31 years and still going strong.  Thank you for being such a wonderful example of how special marriage is meant to be :)

As I was sitting here earlier discussing my day with Grant I remembered two 'giggles' from today that I just had to share.  One from each kiddo!

When we were out running errands earlier I mentioned to Noah and Mikayla that they should start thinking about what they might want to get Grant for Christmas that we might go and do some shopping tomorrow (which has been delayed until we find a bank for Kayla now).  As a result, I got:

Kayla:  I want to get Daddy a ti-ti (their word for their most special blanket that goes everywhere with them)
Me: A ti-ti?
Kayla:  Yes.  He needs a ti-ti
Me:  He does?
Kayla:  Uh-huh, a pink ti-ti.  For when he falls asleep on the couch.  He needs a pink ti-ti.

Grant, consider yourself warned, she was pretty adamant...

Then at dinner we were discussing if we should buy a lottery ticket for tonight's humongous Powerball drawing and what we would do if we won.

Noah: Mom?
Me: Yes, Noah.
Noah:  If we win, can I go to a Michigan game?
Me:  Yes, Noah, if we win $550 Million dollars, I will take you to a Michigan game.
Noah:  Really?
Me:  Noah, if we win $550 Million dollars I will take you to every Michigan home game next season.
Grant:  Noah, if we win $550 Million dollars we can build a wing on the stadium and you can go to every game for the rest of your life.
Noah:  Yes!  I get to go to a Michigan game!

I didn't have the heart to explain to him that we probably aren't going to win $550 million dollars...  He is so my kid :-p

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