Saturday, November 24, 2012

'Twas the Lights Before Christmas

Sometimes I think my family is kind of nutso.  Scratch that, a lot of the time I think my family is kind of nutso.  But I honestly wouldn't have it any other way because even if the strangest of circumstances we have a ton of fun.

Last night we made our annual trek to the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo.  And as usual, it never fails (other than last year) we managed to pick the COLDEST night to go.  And honestly the cold wasn't so bad but the wind - yuck!  But we made it through and for the most part enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Noah and Kayla (thanks to Papa) even got to see Santa!  We had dinner at Charlie's followed by what will surely be an annual stop from now on a yogurt bar called Lola's.

Aunt Shell, Kayla, Aunt Sarah and Noah arrive!

 We hung out in the tunnel for a few minutes to get out of the wind

 Mikayla to Aunt Sarah "Do you have any money?"  (She wanted to throw coins in the fountain)

 That's me in the purple coat - five layers on top!

 Pretty :)

 You know it's cold when even the seals aren't swimming...

 And the polar bears look to be hibernating


 Aunt Shell showing off her 'poo knowledge' - there's really no need to comment on this further...

 Noah and Grandma take it all in

 This Tiger was seriously miffed, pacing away.  Noah said he was a Detroit Tiger


 A stop inside to warm up and see the trains

 Group shot with the reindeer

 Papa, a true man of his word, promised to take them to see Santa

 Mommy and Kayla the elves

 Noah, too

 Aunt Shell, Uncle Dudley and Kayla watching the singing trees

 Aunt Sarah and Noah got in on the action, too

 The blue tree!

 On the elephant for Grandma :)

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