Friday, November 30, 2012

Those are so MY kids

I think it's only normal for every parent to look at their kids every once in awhile and wonder where on earth they possibly came from.  This is most often the case when they are throwing an enormous tantrum, saying something completely off the wall or eating some disgusting concoction it would only be possible for an untested stomach to handle.

On the flip side, there are those moments that there is not a doubt in your mind that they totally belong to you.  I know it's true because I carried them for (almost) eight months and my body still carries the scars from both of them.  But every so often I appreciate the additional reminder.  Not once but twice today I was completely proud to claim them both.

First, we were in the car running errands after I picked up Noah from school.  We were discussing the plans for the weekend and I was letting them know that on Sunday Grant was going to take them to do some top secret Christmas shopping.  I told the kiddos that they needed to think about what they wanted to get their respective Godparents.  Noah then launched into the following:

"I know what to get Aunt Shell.  A penguin.  She has to have a penguin.  Because Uncle Dudley won't buy her one.  I'll get her one.  And I guess we should get something for Uncle Dudley too.  (Long pause)  But I don't care what he says, I am NOT buying him anything Ohio State.  Nothing."

Yep, my kiddo.

Later, I was making dinner and told both of them that they could play or do whatever they'd like.  I turned around a few minutes later to find this:

Yep, so my kiddos.  I am so thankful that they both appreciate the joy of a good book :)

Alright, we're all off to snuggle on the couch and watch Santa Paws 2 together this evening.  So glad it's Friday!

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