Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kid Kitchen vs. The Turkey

After the Oreo turkey disaster last week (I'm not even linking to it, that's how embarrassed I am by the darn things!) I determined not to make it through Thanksgiving without making some cute turkey looking goodie.  Thanks to the MIL and some of her facebook friends I was given some more inspiration and decided to try my hand at it again.  And I knew I couldn't get through it without my adorable two-some at my side - bring on the Kid Kitchen turkeys!

I ended up coming up with something completely on my own.  I borrowed a bit from our tootsie roll cookies last week and decided to try some more cake mix cookies.  Really simple idea if you haven't done it - 1 box of cake mix, 1/3 cup of oil and 2 eggs.  Roll them into balls, bake and wah-lah!  I found some spice cake mix at the store yesterday and thought that would be perfect for some yummy turkeys.  Plus any recipe that lets Noah and Mikayla roll things and get their hands dirty they are all over.

Mikayla was unfortunately banished from helping with the decorating this week (1 hour long temper tantrum later...) but Noah did an absolutely fabulous job helping me create the turkeys.  He put on all the 'feathers' and 'eyeballs' (after he had sorted all the mini m&m's into color piles - he is so my kid) and I did the detail work.  I have to say I absolutely love the way these came out.  Success!

My two impossibly cute (and sometimes just impossible) chef-lets

 He refused to give me a serious smile

 Mikayla is getting much better at the rolling technique.  They don't resemble pancakes as much anymore :-p

 And Noah's got it down like a pro!

 Tray one ready for the oven

 I decided to try a different technique on tray 2 - after we had rolled all of them I flatted them with the bottom of a glass.  This helped them spread out into a nicer round circle without so much 'poof' I thought.  

 Noah sorting all the m&m's

 Our first attempt!

 Noah putting on the 'feathers'

 In process - I put on the frosting while Noah feathered them

 Noah shows off his handiwork while Kayla mopes in the background because I wouldn't let her help (I am such a mean mom, I know!)

 What's a whole group of turkeys called? (Google to the rescue - it's a rafter of turkeys)

These I am proud of :)  (Stupid oreo turkeys, grumble grumble grumble)


  1. I love 'em! So cute. I have to find a new word!

  2. Adorable! (And you know how much I love the cake mix cookie concept!) Also, I love Noah's expression in the first picture.