Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gatchel Plastic Band and "Mom"isms

 I think I got hit with the insanity stick today.  For some reason this afternoon, despite the on-going headache I've had for the past three days (stupid weather) I told the kiddos that after their nap we would get out bowls, pans and spoons and have a Gatchel band party.  Right, 'cause that'd help my headache :-p  But they had a blast and honestly, it didn't aggravate my head any more than anything else, so no harm no foul.  Wait, I take that back.  Noah managed to break a wooden spoon and two plastic bowls so I suppose there was some foul.  Not intentionally, though, so it's all good.  Add wooden utensils and mixing bowls to the Christmas wish list!

Also, over the past couple of days a few moments in my life (things that have actually happened!) have struck me as "You Might be A Mom of a toddler if" that I just couldn't help but share.  Hopefully it'll be your giggle for the day:

You might be the Mom of a toddler if...

* The phrase "get your fork out of your hair" comes out of your mouth at least once every meal

*  Your identifying picture on facebook, google, etc. is not even of you.  Or if you are in it you are definitely second fiddle to a cute kiddo

*  You don't blink an eye when you are accompanied by Tinkerbell and a fire fighter on all of your errands, all while you're wearing a sweatshirt with a huge pumpkin face on it simply because your two year old told you that you look "boo-ful"

*  You find yourself spelling out 30-50% of every conversation you have with your spouse in the ear shot of your kiddos

*  You determine what to make for dinner based simply on what is going to cause the least stressful meal for all involved.  Hot dogs, PB&J and Mac & Cheese are considered basic food groups.

*  You clean the bathroom only to discover two hours later that the mirror over the sink is covered in toothpaste.  Though it makes no sense how this could happen it doesn't seem all that strange.

*  You find yourself asking WWMMD? (What would my mom do?) at least ten times a day.  Even more frightening, some of the things that she 'did' that you swore you would never do begin to have more and more appeal.

*  You know all the words to at least one, if not all of the following theme songs:  Sesame Street, Chuggington, Dora the Explorer, Little Einsteins, and Blues Clues

*  You do the laundry only to discover that in the same amount of time your two year old has 'worn' three pairs of underwear and six pairs of socks while the four year old has 'worn' five pairs of underwear and two pairs of socks.  Only two days have passed.

*  You laughed or smiled because you can totally relate to any (all) of the above mentioned ;-)

And lest I forget, a very special, very happy 27th birthday shout out to my amazing sister, Sarah.  (Did you check out her new salon yet??)  Hope that your day is wonderful and you get absolutely spoiled rotten, babe.  We love you!

Who knew plastic bowls and spoons provided hours of entertainment...

 I couldn't get a good shot of it but the face he was making was pure "heavy metal drummer"  Totally cracked me up

1 hour of no fighting = worth risk of possible increased headache

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  1. I giggled and outright laughed a few times. Right next to the WWMMD goes WWMMS? Isn't it frighteneing when you hear mom's words coming out of your mouth, in the exact same tone that made you cringe 20 years ago?