Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hail to the Victors!

 Let's all please observe a moment of silence for the end of the Wolverine football season (barring a Bowl Game appearance next month).  It has definitely had its ups and downs.  Brady Hoke, I love ya, man, but you blew the game for us today.  The decision to go for it on 4th on the first series in the second half totally shifted the momentum in the Buckeyes favor.  Further, the decision to take that play and attempt it to run it up the middle AGAIN (though that hadn't worked the previous three plays already) sealed our fate.  Plus, hello, even if you don't use him put Denard on the field if he's able!  Just his presence out there is a threat.  *Sigh*  Congrats to the Buckeyes on a perfect season against a series of opponents where no one was ranked higher than 19 (us today, in fact) during which you almost were defeated three times by all currently unranked teams.  Heck of an accomplishment there!  (That dripping noise you hear, my sarcasm)


Wait, one more Buckeye dig - And while you did manage to have a better record than us, you still won't get the one thing we will to wrap up this season - a Bowl Game appearance.  Cheaters never prosper and all that.

Alright, done now :-p

We decided to stay in Fremont last night so we were able to watch the game with the fam (Mom, Dad and Scott at least) today.  I love the ups and downs of watching in Fremont.  ABC, the letter LJ and I are drafting regarding your commentators (with plenty of input from Scott) will be arriving shortly.  Tipper, hope all those chicken wings are worth it tomorrow.  Mom - did you finish all the twizzlers Noah and Kayla kept bringing you yet?  We're doing this again next year, right???

That is my baby girl!

 A girl and her Papa

Even Tipper was decked out in her maize and blue!

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