Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School Halloween

Just got back from the costume parade at Noah's school and wanted to make sure to post the pictures.  The kiddos were absolutely adorable.  And God bless Mrs. Porto - when she saw my little Tinkerbell came all decked out (because heave forbid one do something the other doesn't!) she invited Mikayla up to sit with the class, show off her costume and even be in the parade.  Mikayla was in seventh heaven!

 My fireman (whose oxygen tank pretty much officially bit the dust this morning - it had a good run!) gets ready for school to start

 Daddy took a picture of Tinkerbell upside down

 The firefight is off to the right and Tinkerbell is on the left

 She was so proud!  Mrs. Porto asked her who she was, what she likes to do (fly!) and where Peter Pan was (to which she shrugged)

 The firefighter showing off his costume

 Getting ready for the parade

 Class photo op!

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