Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mikayla Logic

Yesterday when we were out running errands Mikayla and I got into quite the discussion and it made me laugh/smile so I thought I'd share.

It started with me making up words to some song on the radio about Mikayla and how she was my baby...

Kayla:  Mama, I no a baby.
Me:  Well you'll always be my baby, Kayla.
Kayla:  No Mama, I no a baby in Mish-gan (Michigan).  I a baby in Flo-da (Florida)
Me:  That's right, you were a baby in Florida.  But you're still my baby here.
Kayla:  No, I only a baby in Flo-da.
Me:  Okay, then what are you here in Michigan?
Kayla:  I Kayla!
Me:  (with a laugh) Well weren't you Kayla in Florida?
Kayla:  No! (She's beginning to sound annoyed with me.
Me:  Okay, then who were you in Florida.
Kayla:  Mama, I told you.  I a baby in Flo-da.  I Kayla in Mish-gan.

Well OK then!  I don't care what she says, she's still my baby ;-)

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