Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween (observed)

As if the kids hadn't collected enough candy yesterday, we headed to Fremont this afternoon to collect more. First stop was Uncle Dudley and Aunt Shelly for some regular fun and spoiling. Then we headed to Grandma and Papa's for some Trick-or-Treating!  (Gramma! Gramma! Papa! Papa!)

Today started a bit cold and windy, but then turned colder, windier, and wet. Fortunately we were able to go out and round the boulevard before the drizzle turned into light rain. It must have been a day full of fun and excitement because they were passed out cold on the way home :-)

Flat Peyton came too!

Let me see Papa...

Good thing Flat Peyton was in his ghost costume. It was cold out there.

A brave soul wearing an inflatable moose costume in conditions so windy he had to use the chair to keep him on his feet.

Their bounty...

... from just today

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