Monday, October 15, 2012

Flying Solo

 So I am officially flying solo this week with the kiddos.  Grant is away on business which means Noah, Kayla and I are on our own until Saturday.  If every day up until then goes like today we'll be golden.

Since they've been so good I told them they could pick out a movie when we were at the library earlier.  And, as an extra special treat they got to pick out a snack to go with it.  By now you think I'd learn instead of just asking them what they'd like.  You know, limit the mess and craziness.  Instead they wanted donuts.  Cream filled frosting covered donuts.  And because I'm in pushover mode because I know they're missing Grant I gave in.  They're only little once, right?  Remind me of that in another hour when they are bouncing off the walls and refusing to go to bed :-p  And then say a quick prayer for my sanity over the next few days (not my patience please!).

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