Friday, October 26, 2012

Dance Party

 Earlier in the week, Grant and I stumbled across an ad for a Dance Party game on that featured Disney songs for the Wii.  Perfect for the kiddos we figured.  Yes, probably a bit advanced for them, but they could shake their groove things to Disney music, they'd love that, right?

Um, totally!

While neither Grant or I were really crazy about the game, Noah and Mikayla thought it was fabulous.   Mikayla got to dance with Tinkerbell, Ariel and Cinderella - the bean was in seventh heaven.  And while Noah was a bit disappointed when he didn't 'win' he was having a really good time.

Two tuckered out kiddos on Friday night = happy Grant and Kristi.  Tomorrow and Sunday are going to be super busy so we're glad for some quiet tonight.  Lots tomorrow!

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