Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Boo at the Zoo

I have to hand it to my kiddos - they were real troopers today.  We've been looking forward to going to Little Boo at the Zoo for weeks now and unfortunately the weather decided to give us a hard time.  But they stuck it out without any complaints!  Through the rain!  And the cold!  And we all had the most fun!  Not only did they get to trick or treat but we got to see a ton of animals really without having to fight any crowds.  We braved the rain and cold and got to see what we all agreed was the highlight of the day when they fed the penguins!  Aunt Shell, we took notes in case Uncle Dudley ever decides to give in and buy that penguin you've always wanted :)  I am so glad that we went as it really ended up being a lot of fun for all of us.

We had breakfast at Tim Horton's with Aunt Shell prior to the zoo because she wasn't able to join us.  It was good to see her for at least a little bit :)
 In the rain Mom, really?

 My favorite Tinkerbell and Fireman checking out the seals

 In awe

 The giraffes (including the baby!) were out in the rain.  We were the only ones over by them, really cool


 Swimming penguin

 This was right before the zoo keeper came out.  They could hear her making noise in there and they all got out of the water and huddled around the door.  We were so thrilled to watch their feeding that I forgot to take any pictures :-p

 Still hanging in there through the rain

 The first trick or treat station had an animal cage they had to climb through

 Haunted house!

 Mikayla the pumpkin

 Noah the ghost (go figure)

 Noah the cow

 Kayla the cow

 Inside Nature's Neighborhood

 They both really loved watching the ants

 Mikayla's face paint

 Noah's face paint

 Bounce houses, too!

 Oh no, a fish ate Mikayla!

 (These are for Grandma :) )

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  1. The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for the last few just for me - it couldn't be a trip to the zoo without sitting on the elephant statue!