Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

 It's Tuesday here in Farmington Hills which can only mean one thing - it's Gatchel Kid Kitchen day!  I'm going to sing the praises of Tuesday yet again.  I love baking/cooking with the kiddos.  They are getting a ton out of it and we are having a lot of fun together.  Last night as I was looking for something to make I stumbled across a recipe for Rainbow Cupcakes and I knew we had to try them.

I've done something similar to this with cake mix before, but this recipe was from scratch.  I've also got kind of hooked on allrecipes.com lately, which allows me to manipulate how many servings I make with a recipe.  So instead of the 2 dozen the original recipe made, we mixed up enough batter for a dozen, ended up getting 10 which is a much more manageable amount of cupcakes for the four of us to plow through before they start to go bad :-p

While the kids munched we discussed the recipes we have made so far and how this one ranked.  Both kiddos agreed this was the best tasting to them so far and Noah thought it was a lot of fun to make but not quite as fun as the Hershey Hug cookies that he got to roll into balls.  We're calling this one a huge success!

We just got back from a forest themed story time and now both are snuggled up in their beds and out cold for nap time.  Ah, I so love Tuesdays...

Prepping our ingredients

 Our five batter colors

 They mixed the colors themselves and were very proud of the results



 (I may have gotten a little carried away with the pictures but I thought they turned out so cute!)

 Kayla frosting hers (We got rainbow chip frosting to go on them)

 First taste

 Noah showing off the inside of his cupcake

 Yes, that would be a frosting mustache

Rainbow color success!

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