Sunday, October 7, 2012

Going on a Weef (leaf) Hunt!

 Last night (after I got done with my crazy cooking adventure) Grant and I were discussing some ideas for today.  We both really wanted to get the kiddos outside to experience Fall in Michigan but the weather hasn't been exactly co-operative.  We were supposed to tap out at a balmy 49 degrees today with lots of cloud cover.

Then we remembered that there was a nature conservatory not too far from the house on Farmington Road that we had been meaning to check out.  So we decided we needed to go on a leaf hunt!  We'd help the kiddos find tons of fun colored leaves and then later they could make a really cool mural out of their finds.

It was great!  Mikayla kept singing "We're going on a weef hunt!" much to mine and Grant's amusement.  Every person we met on the trail learned we were 'weef' hunting.  Then we took them to get some posterboard and as I type this they are busy at the table making two very cool murals.  I'll post pictures of them later, but for now, here's our 'weef' adventure

 Noah's finds

 The following our Grant's attempts to make all of our Florida friends jealous of our seasons :)

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