Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Palooza

 If I haven't mentioned it lately I am so glad we moved to Michigan.  Not that Florida didn't have it perks but I am finding it so wonderful to take advantage of all the opportunities in an area where the median age isn't 65...  Maybe there were just as many family friendly activities in and around Palm Bay and the kiddos were just too little for us to come across them, but through and there isn't a weekend here that there aren't tons of fun things for us to see and do, almost all within a 45 minute drive.

Today was no exception.  Glad to all be back together again we wanted a great family activity for today.  So after we took a long walk together this morning and had a quick lunch we decided to head over to Plymouth to check out an event called the Plymouth Pumpkin Palooza.  We weren't really sure what we were going to find but the description said there were lots of pumpkin related activities, some trick or treating and lots of family fun.  Sign us up!

When we arrived we were totally blown away.  The entire downtown area of Plymouth was completely shut down and almost all the local businesses were participating.  There were all kinds of pumpkin games (pumpkin bowling, pumpkin mini golf!) for Noah and Kayla to try out, music in the street, wandering performers and of course, candy!  Though the line was way too long for us to wait in, there was even a station that a local candy store was running with a free chocolate dipping fountain.  Too cool!  (I know I'm getting a little exclamation point happy but it really was a lot of fun) There was a costume contest, a pet costume contest and even a couple of fire trucks (be still Noah's heart!) and ambulances you could ride on.  And though we only caught the tail end of it the local dance studio even did the "Thriller" dance in the middle of the street.

This is something we will definitely be checking out again next year and we'll make sure to take the kiddos in costume.  It was a great family friendly event and both Grant and I are anxious to go back to the downtown area and do some shopping as there were lots of neat local stores.  Mama, I'm thinking it might be a really fun place to do some Christmas shopping :)  Back to 'normal' tomorrow.  Until then...

My two favorite munchkins at the fountain in downtown Plymouth

 Trick or treat!

 You know I'm having fun when we start dancing to "The Monster Mash" in the middle of the street

 Noah goes pumpkin bowling

 Kayla, too!

 Washer toss

 Pumpkin mini golf

 Bean bag toss


 Mikayla the cutest ghost

 Noah practices looking dashing in a fire truck

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