Friday, October 26, 2012

A slight addiction

 I have a confession - I think I might be addicted to using my muffin/cupcake tin.  Further, I know I am totally addicted to 'cute' foods.  It's beginning to become a problem.  I see something and am sure I HAVE to make it.  With a whole bunch of tweaks of course.

Three of the five dinners I made this week came from the muffin tin.  Plus a dessert.  Major issue I'm telling you.  But boy am I having fun :)

Tonight I made chicken pot pie cupcakes.  Last night I made taco cupcakes.  And we had mini cheeseburger pies earlier this week.  Major addiction...

Oh yeah and not to mention the pumpkin puddings I made for Noah to take to school today.  It was pumpkin day at school, I had to follow the theme!  Issues I tell you...

I suppose it could be worse.  Not sure how at the moment, but you know what I mean :-p  Alright, off to search the web for more muffin/cupcake recipes ;-)

The pumpkin puddings for Noah to take to school today (He helped me make them by putting the gumdrops on top)

 All packed up and ready to go

 Tell me these aren't fabulous!

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