Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playdoh and Selenabell

 So the other day I gave my Mom mad props for her help creating Tinkerbell.  And while I know I've got a ton to live up to if I ever want to be half the Mama she is, every once of awhile I think I've got my own "Mom pat on the back" coming.

On the way home from the library today (love storytime!  Crazy animal stories today, too cute!) inspiration struck out of no where and I asked Mikayla if she wanted me to make a Tinkerbell costume for her doll Selena, too.  I knew I had the supplies to do it, it wouldn't be that difficult and it would thrill her to no end.  You have to understand that I already knew Selena would be coming to the zoo for trick or treat on Friday with us as Selena goes EVERYWHERE Mikayla does.  My Dad got her this doll when she was just a few months old who was then Christened by Aunt Shell who's job it is to name everything (hence Charlie the wagon).  Of course, I didn't consider the possible repercussions of my offer.  Mostly that the big brother and his dog Lucky was also in the car with us when I made the offer.  And suddenly Lucky needed a fire fighter outfit, too.  Though, Noah quickly told me, Lucky didn't need an oxygen tank.  Well, what a relief!

So tonight the kiddos spent quite some time entertaining themselves with play doh while I set out to create a Tinkerbell costume and then try to figure out something for Lucky...  So here's where the pat on the back comes in.  I finished the Selenabell costume, complete with removable wings so that she can still sleep with Mikayla.  And though it's not finished yet so you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for pictures, I'm almost done with the coolest fire fighter helmet (that looks just like Noah's!) for Lucky.  So I'm back to that now while I cheer on the Tigers.  More tomorrow!

They played without one disagreement for well over an hour.  I will deal with the play doh mess any day for an hour of no fighting


 With wings :)

My baby with her baby

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