Friday, October 12, 2012

Noah hat and Kayla Bear

 The kiddos did a couple of projects that I just had to share.  Noah made the cutest hat at school the other day (it's H week!) and got to bring it home today.  I love how creative the school gets with two paper plates.

Then Kayla and I went to story time this morning while Noah was at school.  Oh how I love the Farmington library system.  This is the fourth (yes fourth) storytime at least one of my kiddos have attended this week.  Monday night they got to go to llama pajama storytime where there was an actual (costumed) llama in the library!  And last night was musical storytime which I think is the most fun.  Anywho, today Kayla and I went to the regular Friday pre-school storytime where we discussed bears.  They always have some great crafts to do after and today they made bears where all the pieces were made out of hearts!  It was based on a book they read called "My Heart is a Zoo" (or something along those lines) Super cute!  All the animals in the entire book are made out of hearts.  If you've got kiddos, check it out!  If you don't, check out my cute kiddos :)

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