Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monkey Bread Muffins and Mini Pizzas

 It's Tuesday so the kiddos and I were having fun in the kitchen.  With Grant being gone I wanted to find something to make that would only make a little bit and I stumbled across a recipe for monkey bread muffins that I thought I could modify to suit our purposes.  Worked like a charm!

This was one of our more fun creations - Mikayla said shaking was her favorite part.  And we 'borrowed' a couple of biscuits from the recipe and made mini pizzas for lunch then.  They got a "Yes make these again" rating and two happy kiddos.  Noah ended up eating 2 of the 4 muffins we made after lunch.

I got to cook with Noah and Cinderella today (who insisted on wearing her costume and squeaky shoes to the library for storytime)

 Shake shake shake

 Rolling out the pizza biscuits

 The muffins post-baking


 Aren't they cute?

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