Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Franken-pudding, Oreo Spiders and Squid Dogs!

**WARNING**  Aunt Kristina - this post contains spiders!

It's Tuesday which means - Kid Kitchen!  Oh I love Tuesdays :)  I had a hard time deciding what we were going to make this week because there are just so many fun Halloween ideas out there.  And after our disaster with spider cupcakes the other day I wanted to make sure we had a little more success this time.  And I really wanted to make spiders darn it!

So we started with some Franken-pudding.  Vanilla pudding dyed green and crushed oreos, my kids were in heaven.  Plus we played with a new toy in the kitchen to crush the oreos - the food processor.  This one was a huge hit.  They loved drawing the faces on the cups and adding the 'hair' to the Frankenstein.  I think my favorite part was us all yelling "Brains!" as they gobbled them down after lunch.

Then we made some oreo spiders to combat our disaster from Saturday.  These came out so cute and were super easy.  Well, other than successfully separating the oreos without breaking them.  A tip on-line suggested putting the oreos in the fridge before you opened them.  Yeah, didn't help.  I think I managed to break at least 6 before we got 8 successful ones for spiders.  But the broken pieces still taste good :)  Noah says his favorite part was squeezing the frosting and Mikayla liked putting the eyes on.  These were great because we could make as few or as many as we wanted.  

Then to top it off, I made 'squid dogs' for lunch.  Who knew how happy you could make two kids by poking holes in hot dog pieces, inserting pieces of spaghetti into the holes, boiling all of it and then letting them go to town eating them.  They totally grossed me out but Noah and Kayla thought they were the coolest things ever!  Squid dogs may have become a new staple at the Gatchel house.  (So gross...)

 My chefs, ready to go

 Our pudding for Frankenstein

 Noah's Franken-pudding

 Kayla's Franken-pudding

 Getting the oreos ready for the food processor.  I let each of them push the button on the food processor and totally earned "coolest mom of the day" points ;-)

 Noah's finished franken-pudding

 Kayla's finished franken-pudding

 Sorting the M&M's for spider eyes

 Legs for our spiders

 Aren't they adorable???? (And yes, I know they only have 6 legs but there was just no getting any more legs on those babies)

 They wanted to be in a picture with the spiders

 I really couldn't get over how cute the spiders were

 Noah eating his squid dog

 Noah snacking on a spider


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  1. Hehe, thank you for the warning! I'll even admit that the Oreo spiders are cute (but maybe it's because they're less scary with fewer legs)!