Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Chill Saturday

 We woke up this morning to fog so thick we could barely see across the street.  This unfortunately nixed our plans for this morning - a trip into the city to the Science Center for a member's only event kicking off their new butterfly exhibit and butterfly I-Max movie.  Grant told the kiddos (with my whole hearted agreement) that it was just too dangerous with the fog to be driving on the highways this morning and it wasn't worth the risk to us.

Fortunately, my trip to the library with the Bean yesterday turned up a "Plan B" that turned out to be tons of fun.  There was a family concert put on by Kevin DeVine.  You might remember (if you follow our fine little blog) that we saw him in Northville in August and were highly entertained.  This time he sang lots of songs that got everyone up and moving and more winter themed.  The kids (and Grant and I) had a blast.  It might not have been butterflies (we've promised to look into going here soon to that now) but it was a good time anyway.

This afternoon we sent a postcard back to our new friend in Alabama, read one of the Alabama books from the library (where we learned that the state animal is a racking horse and the state reptile is a red bellied turtle which can only be found in Alabama) and then Grant took the kiddos out to play in what is left of the rapidly disappearing snow.  They came back in soaked to the bone but at least they got to play in it for awhile!

We're planning on heading to Plymouth in the morning for their Ice Festival and then our annual finger painting extravaganza in the afternoon.  Should be fun.  So until then....

Alabama Fun Fact of the Day:  Spanish explorers arrived at Mobile Bay in 1519. In 1540, the territory was visited by explorer Hernando de Soto. The first permanent European settlement in Alabama was founded by the French at Fort Louis de la Mobile in 1702.

Our attempt at some selfies before the concert

 Noah made it on stage :)

 This is the album we are going to keep their postcards in

 We're going to send postcards back to everyone who sends something to us - we wrote back to Jamie in Smith's Station today

 Snowman and snow dog

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