Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kid Kitchen Arizona Style

Having sick kids stinks.  Nope, not my own (fortunately) but my friend this morning who I was supposed to catch up with is dealing with yet another round of illness at her house and wasn't able to make it this morning.  So back to the drawing board the Bean and I went to come up with Plan B for the day.

I realized I had a couple of recipes to put together at some point and that we hadn't done any Kid Kitchening lately and the Bean was on board.  She asked if we could make cookies, so I scoured the internet and found an Arizona Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that sounded scrumptious that we decided to try out.  She also helped me make the Arizona Corn Bread to accompany tonight's dinner.  I usually make a lot of my bread in my handy bread machine, but this time she got to see the 'magic' of yeast at work.  She loved the fact that it grew so much in the hour it proofed.  She also did a great job making the cookies which were similar to last week's Wilderness Lodge cookies, in all honesty, though a little softer.  And as the recipe says, I have no idea why they're called Arizona Chocolate Chip, but everyone here devoured them.  All in all, it was a great way to spend the day together.

Noah and Kayla colored the Arizona map when Noah got home from school tonight.  They have been hanging these in their room each week and I really get a kick out of what they come up with...

I tried out an Arizona recipe for dinner tonight.  We had Cobre Valley Casserole , a recipe I discovered in my Taste of Home cookbook.  Cobre (Copper in Spanish) is a huge part of the Arizona economy and the region this dish comes from is known for copper production.  

The kids are enjoying the 'tex mex' cuisine we've had a couple of nights this week already.  I love the fact that (perhaps due in part to last year's project) they are really good about trying new foods.  I don't know that you can say too many 4 and 5 year olds love things like salmon, chimichangas, hoe cake, etc.  I have such amazing kiddos :)

PTA tonight, so going to wrap this up.  Wanted to make sure I got a post and pictures up, though.  More tomorrow but until then...

Arizona Fun Fact of the Day:  Bisbee, located in Tombstone Canyon, is known as the Queen of the Copper Mines. During its mining history the town was the largest city between Saint Louis and San Francisco.

 We have Olympic shirts!  My husband is AMAZING! (He designed the logo :) )

 Ready to kid kitchen (yes, I totally realize she looks ridiculous in that outfit, that it is a summer outfit.  Some days it is just so not worth the argument)

 Making the corn bread

 And now the cookies

 Ready for the oven


 Corn bread out of the oven

 My little artists

 Noah's Arizona

Cobre Valley Casserole

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