Friday, January 3, 2014


So what's everyone think of the new blog?  Does it make you as excited as I am for our big kick-off on Monday??  I'm all prepped and ready to go, just finalized our Alabama meal of the week (we're actually doing two southern inspired meals next week, yay!  Can you tell I'm missing the food days a little bit if I'm this excited about planning a menu?)

We made the best of our 'cold day' (not a snow day, a cold day) here today.  Nothing too exciting, hanging out, a quick trip to the library and the store, playing as usual.  And then I saw the update forecast; 6-12 inches by Sunday night.  Groan!  It caused Grant and I to re-think the weekend a little bit, mostly to make sure that I got a chance to run to the store tomorrow to get milk.  I have a feeling that the kiddos may be home for a much longer extended stay than we had anticipated.

Alright, I'm off to run to Target to see if I can find some more cuddlduds - otherwise it is quite possible I am going to turn into a Kristi-sicle in this -30 degree weather they are predicting.  Then it's home to watch Clemson kick some OSU tail.  Until tomorrow...

Both kiddos insisted that they had to wear the Kent State gear Miss Cassandra got them for Christmas.  Noah says he has a new team to root for now!


  1. Mikayla and Alabama share a birthdate!!

  2. A lovely new look for the blog! Sounds like everyone is finally healthy in the Gatchel household--good to see! Also glad to see you're rooting for Clemson! :)