Saturday, January 25, 2014

We have paint!

About this time two years ago we decided to start some renovations on the house.  The wallpaper in the kitchen was just scary.  The backsplash in there also had to go.  We had grand plans for wood floors eventually too.  Still waiting on the floors - but we have the wood!  We did get the backsplash and wallpaper and painting done, though.  We also wanted to tile the mudroom/laundry room, as well as both bathrooms.  In the fall the tile in the small bathroom finally happened.  Though it's worth mentioning that we had ripped down the wall paper in there and pulled out the toilet and cabinetry (in anticipation of re-wallpapering and title probably about a year and a half ago.  So we've been a one potty household since then.  Normally, not the biggest of issues.

Except at bathtime.  It's about that time every night when we just wrapped up dinner, I'm scrubbing down the kitchen and it seems like everyone needs to use the bathroom at the same time for one reason or other.  I cannot begin to count the nights I've "potty danced' waiting for my turn.

Well as of today we're one step closer, and perhaps mere HOURS away from solving that dilemma.  Last weekend Mom and Dad were able to make it up to get the wallpaper up and last night and this morning I got the paint on the walls.  Tomorrow morning we're off to buy a new potty - YAY!  We're hoping for an easy install (haha, nothing is EVER that simple around here) so keep your fingers crossed for us. I'll keep you posted tomorrow.

Otherwise it's been a laid back kind of day as we're somewhat at the mercy of the weather as what we can and cannot do.  Everyone's been playing, tackling some random odds and ends and just enjoying the weekend for the most part.  We're going to watch the big Michigan vs. Michigan State basketball game tonight, the kiddos are pretty excited.  As Mikayla would say "Go Blue - beat the Spark-ans!"

Back to my projects now.  Hope wherever you're reading this from you're having a delightful Saturday as well.  More tomorrow, but until then...

Arizona Fun Fact of the Day:  Once a rowdy copper mining town, Jerome's population dwindled to as few as 50 people after the mines closed in 1953.

And we have paint!

 I know it's hard to see, but it's a very light blue.  It's a really small bathroom so I didn't want anything too overwhelming

 Noah has been doing some computer work at school and he wanted to show us what he's been learning

 Finished the Arizona scrapbook page

This is the vanity for the bathroom, we bought it at least a year and a half ago.  Decided to bring it in from the garage this afternoon to let it warm up :)

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