Sunday, January 26, 2014

Under Construction

Posting a little early today because I have a few minutes and I have a feeling I'm going to be up to my elbows in bathroom assembly assistance (no, totally not a complaint!) later.

On and off all day today Grant and I have been playing our new (least) favorite game - "which days this week will the kids be home from school?"  We haven't accumulated that much snow in the last 24 hours, but what we did get turned the roads into a royal mess, as I can attest when we went out earlier.  It's continuing to lightly fall on and off here now and I'm thinking we've got a 50/50 shot tomorrow as the temperature shouldn't be *that* cold.  Tuesday though, if I were a betting girl, I'd say Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be here with me again as temperatures are supposed to plummet (I think the high is like -2 for the day...)  I'm not sure I believe in this whole polar vortex thing (especially since this seems to be beating the heck out of the global warming theory, hehehe) but whatever it is can mosey on its way and bring back a 'normal' Michigan winter whenever it would like.  It's sad, I find myself praying for snow because that seems a 100% more acceptable reason to be cooped up in the house than the bitter chill and winds.  Anyone want to lay odds on how much more school will be missed around here?

But enough of that, on to bigger and better things - progress on the bathroom!  We made a family trip to Lowe's this morning to get all we needed to assemble the bathroom.  It's under construction as we speak - so excited!  If we make an signtifcant progress yet tonight I will post a separate entry later tonight.

The kiddos were good when we were out and did a great job on our "Arizona Pop Quiz" this week and earned themselves a treat.  We also (finally!) made the decision to move Noah out of his car seat and into a separate booster and then move Mikayla into Noah's seat.  Target is running a sale this week that finally motivated us enough to make the transition (that and it will be one less hassle trying to buckle in the bitter cold) and both kids are super excited.  Makes me a little sad, though, to be honest.  They are officially not babies any longer.

Alright, I've got brownies (as a bribe for my favorite plumber/electrician/overall handyman better half) in the oven, bagels in the bread machine and a project or two calling my name to put some work on before Thing 1 and Thing 2 are up and wanting my attention.  We are going to be watching a movie on the Grand Canyon to wrap up Arizona week tonight, so they're looking forward to that.  Starting Arkansas tomorrow! So until then...

Arizona Fun Fact of the Day:  All of New England plus the state of Pennsylvania would fit inside Arizona.
I very often find the Bean this way - she loves to read

 They pulled out their Arizona coloring book this morning and went to town

For acing their Arizona pop quiz (and honestly for being such troopers at Lowe's) they each got to pick a treat.  Can you guess who had what?

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