Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On a Wing and A Prayer

The end is in sight!  They ARE going back tomorrow :)  And I'm going to be able to leave the house - Grant managed to not only get his car started but out of the snow bank that it been contained in since Sunday.  I have to admit, I was shocked.  That Carolla will just not die! (and now that I've said it aloud you know it's not going to start in the morning or ever again hereafter, right?)

But first we had to get through today.  Yesterday Thing 1 and Thing 2 were begging to throw Tinkerbell a birthday party.  It seems that if you are a stuff animal at the Gatchel house is means you need to have a birthday party because the Mom in the house believes her twosome whenever they say it is that animal's birthday.  So I told them "Sure, if you don't have school tomorrow you can throw Tinkerbell a birthday party.  But you need to come up with the guest list, the activities and a menu for lunch."  I thought this was to serve multiple purposes - I honestly thought they'd be back in school today and it would be a moot point and I figured it'd keep them occupied for an hour while I got dinner on the table.

I have to admit they through their hearts into it.  They made invitations which they delivered to all their animals, they decided they wanted to make fairy wings like Tink's and they wanted mac and cheese, ants on a log, sliced bananas and Tinkerbell cupcakes while they watched one of Tinkerbell's movies.  They 'wrote' this all out and delivered it to me - how could I say no after all that?  If nothing else, I'm a Mom of my word.  So when I found out last night that school was cancelled I set out to make them each some wings to decorate and to make sure we had their menu items on hand.

They had a great time this morning decorating their wings, then we had a visit from the Janoch's for some exercise and game playing, before having Tink's lunch and movie.  I had extremely happy kiddos today, it doesn't get much better than that when for the goodness only knows how many days in a row we were cooped up.  They really have been good.  And it looks like it's going to warm up enough over the weekend that we might actually get to enjoy the snow.

We didn't do much with Alabama today, though I did make an Alabama pound cake which we tried a slice of at dinner and I plan on taking the rest to MOPS tomorrow to share with some of my favorite ladies.

Alright, off to wrap up a couple of things for the evening.  Really hoping that we're not delayed in the morning either because the wind chill is still supposed to be sub-zero.  Here's hoping :)  Back tomorrow - until then...

Alabama Fun Fact of the Day: Alabama is the only state with all major natural resources needed to make iron and steel.  It is also the largest supplier of cast-iron and steel pipe products.

Decorating their wings

 Noah's wings

 Kayla's wings

 Window markers, gotta love it

 Tinkerbell's birthday lunch of choice

 Tinkerbell cupcakes

 Showing off their wings (am I the best Mom ever or what??)

 Two very happy kiddos

 I do believe in fairies!

Alabama Pound Cake

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