Sunday, January 12, 2014

Icy Pop!

Well we made it through Week 1!  1 state down (and I'm considering it a TREMENDOUS success) and only 49 states and 1 national capital to go!  All joking aside, though I don't know how I could be more pleased with how things are going with our state project.  I was rewarded even more this afternoon when we had an Alabama Pop Quiz!  I asked the kiddos questions on everything we've been talking about all week and they did an awesome job recalling all the Alabama facts and trivia we had discussed.  Grant was impressed, too.  It is obvious to both of us that they are really enjoying learning.  I have begun to refer to them as my little sponges - things that I just briefly mentioned once Noah can recite back word for word - it stuns me.

This morning we headed to Plymouth for the Ice Festival.  It was tons of fun looking at all the sculptures (I wish I had the talent those people have in their little finger!) even if some of them were more than a little melty for lack of a better word.  We didn't mind!

This afternoon we had our annual Finger Paint Extravaganza!  Don't know what I'm talking about, well, remember this or this or this? (Oh my gosh look how tiny they were!)  We did our fourth annual poster paint this afternoon and the kiddos had a blast.  You'll have to check out their creations below.

We wrapped up Alabama by feasting on some blackberry (the official state fruit) cobbler for dessert tonight.  Back to school tomorrow and the big kick off for Alaska!  So excited about this one - that box has been calling my name since it arrived and we're going to wait 'til Tuesday to open it and it just might drive me insane before then.  So until then...
I finished the Alabama page for their scrapbook last night

 And the title page, which we'll add pictures to as we go

 Grant riding the ice motorcycle (I know, it's really hard to see the ice sculptures which is why we didn't take too many picture of them)

 Ice Throne


 Mikayla met a gingerbread friend

 Noah too

 Ready to play Alabama Trivia

 Catching her prize for a correct answer

 Bella wanted to play, too

 Catching his candy

 Ready to paint

 Kayla going at it

 Noah doing his hands

 Hmmm, think these hands enjoyed themselves?

 Mikayla's work in progress

 Noah in progress

 Noah's finished work

 Kayla's finished project

Blackberry cobbler

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