Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trains and Wall Paper

I have wall paper in my bathroom!  Finally!!!  It has only been well over a year coming now, but we have a tile floor, we have wall paper and we are that much closer to paint on the walls and an installed toilet and vanity.  I just might have to make this my mission for next weekend - it WILL happen.  But in the meantime - we have wall paper!

A huge thanks to my Mom and Dad for making the trek up here today to help out.  It's been since Christmas since we've seen them so they even came bearing the gifts of all the things we forgot then ;-)  It was nice to get to catch up for a bit and we filled them all in on our State project.  The kiddos even showed off their knowledge with an impromptu pop quiz on all of their Alaska facts.  I'm pleased to announced they both passed with flying colors!

While Mom and I were hard at work, Grant and Dad took the kiddos to a train display and sale in Auburn Hills.  I don't have many of the details (maybe Grant can chime in) but apparently they had a blast.  They came back with plenty of loot including several pieces for my Dad's GINORMOUS Christmas village.

We're wrapping up Alaska tonight by watching Alaska: Spirit of the Wild and just chilling for a bit.  No school tomorrow but we get to kick off Arizona!  So until then...

Grant and I finished his 1000 piece puzzle of Tigers stadium (Comerica Park) last night

 At the train show

 Wall paper!

It's textured and paintable so now I just have to pick a color and get on it!

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