Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Floating Along

After the excitement of last night's Tigers win (I'm sure Dad and Scott who are in Northern Canada right now on their fishing trip heard my cheering) today was way more tame.  And that's OK, I don't think I could have taken the adrenaline rush again today.  Did have to laugh when Noah got up this morning and said "Mom, I know the Tigers won last night because I heard you yelling."  Nine in a row (and without jinxing it, it's currently 5-1 in the 8th so maybe 10 in a row!) for my favorite boys of summer.

Speaking of summer, today's celebration is for the iconic Root Beer Float.  Not only did we of course have actual root beer floats I also tried my hand at making root beer float pudding.  If anyone's watching what they eat, loves root beer floats and wants a yummy dessert let me know.  The original recipe on this calls for sugar free pudding, dry milk, diet root beer and cool whip lite and says that it makes 4 90 cal servings.  We didn't make the 'lite' version here but it was still a hit. Kind of a fun but different way to have a root beer float.

The kids and I headed to Northville this morning for what we hoped was going to be a concert in the Square with the Silly Hat guy, but ended up being an indoor concert at Genetti's Hole In The Wall due to off and on sprinkles.  It was packed and we ended up sitting in the very last row of the theater, but all three of us were glad we went.  Kevin Devine (the Silly Hat Guy) was lots of fun.  He had a great sense of humor that entertained the kids and parents alike (at one point, he was playing a drum with his shoe and said he was 'playing with sole'  OK, totally lost on the kids but made all the parents laugh.  Love concerts like this).  And he played an accordion and we got to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"!   Who doesn't love an accordion??? He also told a story/sang a song about "The Signing Hot Dog Man" from Comerica Park.  Apparently there is an actual guy at the Detroit stadium who sings to sell his hot dogs and he was fired a few years for doing so.  There was such an uproar they hired him back. No joke - google it.  I was totally entertained and the fact that this guy wrote a song about it to entertain little kids - classic!

I'm not sure if Thing 1 and Thing 2 are going to sleep tonight as they are so excited about going to see the magician in Plymouth tomorrow.  It's also raspberries in cream day (you should see my gorgeous cupcakes!  Oh wait, you can tomorrow :) )  So until then...

 Heading to the concert

 Kayla in her silly hat

 Noah in his hat

Kevin Devine - one of my favorite concerts of the summer

 Root Beer Floats

Root Beer Float Pudding

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