Saturday, January 4, 2014

Noah: The Photographer

We ate cinnamon roll waffles for breakfast this morning. And then we got dressed and went to Home Depot to build a calendar. Mommy put me in charge of the camera. I painted my calendar and it was fun. Then we went to the library and picked out movies and a book in case the weather keeps us home from school next week.

Daddy took this one of the both of us

Here we are getting ready to build

That's daddy helping Mikayla when I was taking the picture

This is when Mikayla held her calendar upside down

My finished calendar. I dotted it with blue dots.

I was in the car with my sister and I took a picture with one of my favorite stuffed animals, Baby Penguin. Google made the snow in the picture. There wasn't any snow in the car.

When I was passing on a turn, I took a picture of this red truck. They keep it clean no matter what.

That's when I took a picture of our house when we were going to pull into the driveway, so I got a quick shot of it.

This is when I took a picture of the sun. It was up in the sky. The sun is up high in the sky.

That was our Saturday. Have a Happy New Year, everybody!


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  1. Noah! You're a great first time blogger! 'Course Your momma does such an excellent job, you must have learned from her. Good pictures as well. Still thinking of being a fireman, cause you could take pictures and write, too, when you grow up.