Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Warm-Up

Kristi's Edit:  Whoops!  Looking at this a few hours later when I was pulling some information from it for creating our scrapbook page I realized I had completely forgotten today's fun fact!  Here it is:

Alabama Fun Fact of the Day: Alabama designated The Incident at Looney's Tavern as the official state musical drama in 1993. The musical tells the story of Christopher Sheats (a young Winston County school teacher) and the hill people of Alabama, who didn't want to join the Confederacy and struggled against the South's secession, nearly creating "The Free State of Winston" during the Civil War.

The deep freeze that has had us in its grip finally seems to be easing up a bit.  It was actually 'nice' here today.  Well, except for that everything is now melting making for quite the mess outside.  We hear it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow which will make things even more interesting, I'm sure.  We're kind of bummed about that in general since it means we most likely won't be able to get in any actual playtime in the snow.  What's the good in having 16 inches dumped on us if we can't even enjoy it?  But I'm whining, enough of that.

It's been a pretty low-key Friday around here.  Kayla and I went to storytime this morning and ran some errands (I got a new toy with part of my bonus - an indoor grill!  Can't wait to try it out!), Noah was in school, Grant was at work.  We did have some fun with coloring the state of Alabama when everyone made it home and I updated our "we've been there" map - you'll have to see what I mean below.

At the moment we're enjoying a night of dinner and some Veggie Tales so I'm going to peace out.  We're heading to the Science Center in the morning for a members only event on the butterfly exhibit!  And Sunday we're off to the Plymouth Ice Festival so it promises to be a great weekend!  So I'll catch you tomorrow, but until then...

The Bean made a polar bear at story time

 While at the library we tracked down some reading materials

 Everyone gets their own sticker for the "We've Been There" map - if you've been there, you get a sticker.  Pretty simple concept, right ;-)

 And I'm the only one who's been to Alabama

 Noah's Alabama on it he wrote "My Name is Noah and I have been studying Alabama this week" (Or so he tells me that's what it says)

Kayla colored, too

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