Friday, January 31, 2014

Heat Wave

Heat wave!  Havin' us a heat wave!  Alright, so perhaps I'm being just a tad facetious, but after -30's and -20's for the past week or so, 32 feels downright balmy today. So much so that the Bean and I decided to troop outside late this morning and shovel and play for a good hour. I'm afraid my joy at the current conditions will be short lived, though, as yet MORE snow is on its way tonight and tomorrow.  And if that's not enough, it's going to be combined with sleet/freezing rain, giving everything a good coat of ice.  Last forecast I read said snow tonight, freezing stuff during the day tomorrow and more snow tomorrow night.  That'll be just lovely!  (OK, that was seriously facetious...)

Kayla and I took advantage of a free morning to run down to Canton and make a trip to Hobby Lobby for some supplies for next week's California project and some items for the big project I'm currently working on.  Then, as I said, it was back here for some fun in the snow.  The driveway is a mess as we didn't shovel the 2 or so inches we got last weekend and now it has been driven over repeatedly.  I thought I'd try my best to get up as much as I could before we got dumped on yet again and it made it even worse.  I'm thinking it might be a lost cause at this rate.

We didn't completely forget about Arkansas today, as I made Ozark Meatloaf and Arkansas Green Beans for dinner tonight.  Everyone liked the meatloaf, but my tried and true meatloaf (which I could never come up with the recipe for as I never actually make it the same way twice...) is still the favorite.  Some things you just don't mess with, I guess.  (Kristi's recipe notes:  In case you want to try it, I did end up halving the meatloaf recipe (3 lbs of meat = 8 servings did seem s little out of line...) and I added some finely diced green peppers and onions as well.  On the green beans, I cut it back to 2 servings (1 can of beans), but with 2 full strips of bacon.  Also lots of the people who had reviewed it said they were much too sweet, so I halved the brown sugar amount as well.)

Right now we're watching a movie, the Bean is having her nails painted and I'm praying the meteorologists miscalculated grossly and we're only going to get an inch or two of snow.  Hopefully the troops will get to head to Home Depot for the kids workshop there in the morning and then storytime at the library.  Not sure what else we might be able to do or not due, guess we'll be playing it be ear.  Gotta love the weather!  Until then...
Lunch time after playing in the snow (love this face)

 This is how much I love my husband - I created something just for him - Junior Mint Popcorn!

Noah's class picture came today - I totally have the most handsome kid in the class living at my house 

Alabama green beans

 Ozark Meatloaf

An Arkansas Feast!

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