Monday, September 2, 2013

Labors of Love

Happy Labor Day, all!  I hope that your last un-official day of summer was as wonderful as ours was.  The past 48 hours have been great with a trip to the 'Mont for gold, BBQ, hanging out and even a parade!  And you know that all four Kosakowski children in one place at the same time is sure to equal amusing moments.

Yesterday morning after dropping Grant off at the golf course I ended up taking the kiddos to see Planes (finally, according to Noah).  It was cute (though not as engaging as Cars, IMO) and delighted my twosome.  I will admit that they were thoroughly spoiled this weekend.  And not just by the grandparents, aunts and uncles.  I was willing to indulge them more than a little, as they got treats for the movies, a trip to Chud's and even McDonald's for lunch today.  Had to celebrate this 'last' weekend in style :)

We then met up with the golfers back at Mom and Dad's for a BBQ.  A watermelon with actual seeds in it (what a novelty) and some fantastic sweet corn made it awesome.  It was also great to spend some time with the extended family that joined us.

A trip to the park/playground (we finally got to see some of the damage to Birchard Park), then Chud's and back home for the arrival of Aunt Sarah!  It was so good to see Sar!  And she so kindly (words cannot express my appreciation) gave both kiddos haircuts so they won't look like total rag-a-muffins on their first days :)  And Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley gave baths and (I kid you not, I was totally impressed) Uncle Dudley gave Mikayla pigtail braids!  I then made the mistake of asking everyone to give the kiddos 'advice' for their first day of school, most of which I can't type here.  I'd utter the famous saying about paybacks, but Shell is right when she said that there's probably not anything that I'll be able to say or tell her kids that they haven't already heard from her!

Also got to catch up with Scott for a bit and hear about his first week at college.  SO PROUD!  And we set up a time for the kiddos and I to go up down on Wednesday and visit.  Can't wait!

Started this morning off right with some Tim Horton's (Papa can spoil, too) and then the Fremont Labor Day parade.  I was glad to see how much the size of the SJCC band has increased.  And of course Noah and Kayla made out like bandits with a slew of candy.

We left Fremont shortly before noon, stopped at the aforementioned McDonald's for lunch and eventually made it back to Farmington to watch the Tigers game, hang out, prep bookbags and lunches for tomorrow, play some Mario and just hang out with the four of us.  We're working on adjusting routines and schedules, which is probably going to be trial and error for the next few weeks.

And we didn't forget to celebrate - Happy National Blueberry Popsicle Day!  I made some yummy yogurt popsicles stuffed with fresh blueberries.

Big day tomorrow.  They're ready.  Me, not quite sure yet.  I guess I have no choice!  Prayers and positive vibes sent to all four of us tomorrow would be much appreciated.  Until then...

Breakfast of Champions
 Walking to the parade

 Ready for some Fremont fabulousness

 Aunt Sarah's extraordinary work (I think Mikayla wishes her Mama had as much talent in her whole body as Aunt Sarah has in her pinky)

 The Bean and Her Auntie

 My two sisters were quite troopers as they walked the mile from our parade spot all the way back to Mom and Dad's with kids on their shoulders.  A good chunk of it is uphill...

 Lunch break!

Happy National Blueberry Popsicle Day!

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