Saturday, September 7, 2013


My idea of a great fall Saturday is where the most pressing issue that I have to deal with all day is whether I should wear gear to support my Wolverines or my Tigers.  Oh how I love September and October :)

But of course there were a couple of other things that we dealt with today.  We ended up heading to Rochester today to check out the Arts and Apples festival.  It was CRAZY!  There was about fives times the people that Grant and I expected, I think.  We actually parked over half a mile away and just happened to luck into a spot as it was.

But we had a good time in spite of that and the drizzle that persisted for a good chunk of the time we were there.  Everyone found something cool to look at - Noah really liked a vendor that had turned soda cans into everything from helicopters to flying pigs.  Grant and I were captivated by someone who used wires to craft some very neat hot air balloons.  And anything that contained a mermaid grabbed Mikayla's interest.  I can't say we saw many apples (only saw one booth actually selling anything apple related) but it was tons of fun regardless.

We came home and made to sure to celebrate Acorn Squash with dinner.  I love acorn squash and it makes me think of my grandma Wiedman who first introduced me to it.  Also makes me think of being pregnant with Kayla when I craved it for a good chunk of my early pregnancy.  Only love for the acorn squash :)

Alright, keeping this short tonight as right now we're munching on some popcorn, watching the Tigers taking on the Royals and patiently waiting for the big U of M vs. ND game to start.  The second (and final ever!) meeting under the lights.  May it have the same outcome but less drama then the first meeting under the lights.  GO BLUE!!!
Doesn't she look 3 going on 27 here?

 Checking out Arts and Apples, decked out in our U of M gear (So many comments today about how our whole family was in our maize and blue. Wait, isn't everyone like that??)

Maple glaze slice acorn squash

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