Tuesday, September 3, 2013

He did it! (As if there was any doubt ;-) )

Chalk today up as a grand success at the Gatchel household!  I am the very proud Mama of one very excited kindergarten student.  And this Mama actually managed to make it out of eye sight before shedding a few tears.

And he says he wants to go back :)  Not only that, but he's kind of upset that he doesn't have school tomorrow or Thursday.  Some of my favorite moments from the day:

Noah coming out all dressed this morning in his first day outfit.  He looked so big!  And I know next year I'll say how little he looked.  Don't believe me?  Remember Pre-3 or Pre-4?

Watching him walk up the road to school next to Grant.  They are quite the pair.

One last hug between siblings where Kayla said "Noah, I'm really going to miss you."  Then for the next hour she asked me when we were going to get Noah.  Guess they really do love each other.

Mikayla asking me when she gets to go to kindergarten and my instant reply of 'never'  Side note, we did meet with Kayla's teacher today, too.  The Bean did awesome!  Can't wait to share her first day next Tuesday :)

Mikayla and I picked up Noah with pictures and cookies.  He literally knocked me down when he saw me.

I ask "So how was it?"  His answer "Well, Mom, there's this girl named Bella..."  Thanks Aunts and Uncles...

One last hug before bed last night where I reminded him just how proud of him I am, to which he said "I know Mom, you've said it like twenty times today."

My heart is full.

Happy National Welsh Rarebit Day (think cheese sauce with beer in it served over toast.  Weird, totally agreed.)

Heading to Bowling Green to visit Uncle Scott and Grandma tomorrow.  And we're going to celebrate some macadamia nuts.  And I'll probably tell Noah again at least a dozen times just how proud of him I am.  Until then...

 Being marked on our door.  Don't know if you can see it, but that black mark just to the left of his head is his mark on his birthday in May!

 Lining up

 In he goes

 Noah made the pipe cleaner necklace she is wearing as a 'good luck' present for school.  So she drew him a "go Noah" picture and we took him his favorite cookies when we picked him up

 He survived!

Welsh Rarebit

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