Friday, September 27, 2013

Hashed Together

 This week has been nuts!  I am so glad it's Friday and we've got a big weekend in Fremont to look forward to.  We'll be doing some more apple picking tomorrow and then we're planning a canoe trip on Sunday.  (Hey Mother Nature, cooperate, OK?  We've got everyone together in one place, don't let me down!)

But first, today.  After the Bean and I got Noah off to school, we came back home to give the house a good cleaning and then we were off to storytime where we heard all about leaves today.  Which was a perfect segue into the Nature walk we'd been planning for after.  All week Kayla and I have been talking about going 'acorn hunting' to use some outdoor goodies to decorate the house.  Jen had told me a few months back about the Carpenter Lake Nature Conservatory that is actually only about 2 miles down the road from us so we thought we'd check it out.  She said she and her kiddos always have fun hanging out and feeding the fish on the pond.  So I had promised Kayla that we'd gather some acorns and feed the fish after storyime today.

The conservatory is beautiful.  Nice paths and well-maintained.  We decided that in a few more weeks we're going to head back and check out some more leaves.  We managed to collect quite a few acorns but kind of struck out on feeding the fish.  Mikayla told me it was because they were napping.  There were quite a few geese that we hoped to entice, but this obnoxious dog kept jumping in the lake close to us every time the geese got close.  It was fun regardless.

After picking up Noah the siblings played together very well, coloring some pictures.  This week has been 'blue' week at school and Noah's been reading books about Blue Bug.  He thought he was bringing home a picture of Blue Bug wit his things today and was most distressed when he unloaded his folder and it was not there.  So I asked him to create me a new Blue Bug.  In the picture below, he colored Blue Bug, then cut him out, wrote the word blue which he then cut out, and glued the word to his bug.  Quite a few steps and I've got to admit I was an impressed Mama with the end product.

In unrelated but important news, Happy National Chocolate Milk Day and Happy National Corned Beef Hash Day.  I made my own chocolate sauce and we had Salted Chocolate Milk with dinner.  I also made some corned beef has for the first time ever.  I've had it before but always from a can, I think.  And while I did use canned corned beef as that was what the recipe called for it tasted oh so much better with fresh potatoes and onions :)

Plenty to get done tonight, mostly planning my meals and grocery list for next week since we'll be gone all weekend and are not sure when we'll be back on Sunday.  Also have to make a Strawberry Cream Pie to celebrate tomorrow.  And of course even though my Tigers clinched (YAY!!!) I've still got the game on.  I have to say that my heart is relieved that they clinched and that the Wolverines have a bye this week.  After the football drama of the last two weeks I totally need a break.

I'll try to post from the 'Mont tomorrow.  Until then...

I start 'em young around here ;-)

 She made a fall necklace at story time

 Collecting for our decorating


 Mikayla winding up to throw her bread to said geese

 Art time!
 Noah and Blue Bug

 Salted Chocolate Milk

Corned Beef Hash

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