Monday, September 9, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus

 Happy National Wienerschnitzel Day!  (I got nothing else on this, just thought I'd throw it out there)

It was yet another one of those broken heart string days around here as Noah set out to tackle one more big school related adventure; taking the bus.  If you know Noah, you know that he has wanted to take the bus to school since about the first time he saw an actual bus.  We sent him to Safety Town last year just so he could have the experience of riding a school bus.  (He talked about it for months leading up to it...)  So it wasn't Noah who was apprehensive this morning; it was his Mama.

We didn't actually learn that he could take the bus until the week before school started.  And at first I said, well, maybe only home.  Or maybe only the days Kayla has school.  Or maybe....  I wasn't quite willing to let go completely.  So I mulled it over with Grant who said it was my decision.  So I thought about it some more and realized it would make life a lot easier.  The bus pick-up is about 1/3 of a mile from the house, but still under a ten minute walk for all three of us.  Pick-up is at ten 'til nine with a 4:30pm drop off.  Not having to fight traffic at school, or wrestle Mikayla in and out of the car, or that extra 15 minutes that I could accomplish things instead of transporting back and forth were all awfully tempting...

So I turned to the ultimate authority on all things; my Mom.  "It's a right of passage, Kristi." she told me.  So Noah, someday, make sure you thank Grandma because she was the ultimate scale tipper in my decision to allow you to be a bus rider.

And of course, he did great.  The boy who's house the pick-up is at (Shane, a third grader) was so nice, helping Noah on the bus, offering to sit next to him, making sure he got in the right line for the bus home and telling him he did a great job when they arrived home.  What a great kid!  His Mom confided that the first time Shane rode the bus there was an older boy who treated him similarly, he recalled the experience, and told his Mom this morning before we arrived that he was going to do the same for Noah.  What a nice kid :)

He also still LOVES school.  We're working on adjusting his day (7pm = ultimate meltdown time) but we'll get there!  I am so proud of him!

And not to be forgotten..

The Bean and I are adjusting on our own sans Noah.  We had a great playdate this morning with one of my friends from MOPS who actually only lives three houses down!  She's doing fairly well with her 'only child' status during the day and she always keeps me smiling.  Like her Mama, she has no mute button.

Tomorrow I lose her, too.  Mikayla officially starts Pre-3 tomorrow morning.  Her nails are painted, her bookbag is packed, the doll she is to take with her has her nametag on, her 'first day' sign is made, she's asked for scrambly eggs and cheese for breakfast, it is on!  She's going to do awesome :)

Alright, big day tomorrow so I'm off for now.  It's National TV Dinner day, and since it's her big day Mikayla got to pick everyone's dinner tomorrow night.  She also requested princess cupcakes and you'll want to check back tomorrow night to see what I created for her.  Until then...

The big man getting on the bus

 The Bean helped me make the Wienerschnitzel

 He did it!

 Happy National Wienerschnitzel Day!

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