Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hail to the VICTORS!



University of Michigan Football.  


Even more perfect - a U of M win!  A HUGE win at that.  (OK, against Central Michigan, perhaps nothing to get overly worked up about.  But need I say scary things like Appalachian State???)  Hoke improves his home record to 15-0, Gardner looked good (gotta work on those interceptions though, Devin.  ND isn't going to let us get away with that) Gallon, Touissant, Delio - glad to see you again.  And our hometown Farmington pride, Funchess, mad props!  Green - welcome aboard, lovin' ya already!

OK, enough gushing from me.  Though I am SOOOOO glad my boys in maize and blue are back.  Fall Saturdays are the best.  *sigh* So content.

Before the big game, though, Noah and I were off today to do his school shopping.  We started with a yummy lunch at Panera (Can you believe I've gone all summer without having the Strawberry Chicken Poppyseed salad?  Could NOT let that happen and Noah was thrilled to get to go to lunch just the two of us)  We even dined al fresco as it is National Eat Outside Day.  We managed to get him his first day outfit, lunchbox and other supplies, so I guess he's ready :)  I even let him pick out a 'special lunch' box for Tuesday.  Ready or not, kindergarten, here comes Noah Gatchel!.

It's also National Trail Mix Day, so I made some yummy trail mix bars that we feasted on as a snack this morning and again during the game.  And of course, we had quite the feast during the game, complete with U of M jello jigglers.  Decked out in all of our gear you would have thought the University of Michigan exploded in my living room, lol.  Have I mentioned how excited I am that football season is back?

Right now we're getting things packed up to head out early tomorrow morning and watching the Tigers take on the Indians.  A Tigers win tonight will make this just about a perfect day I'm thinking.

I'm also posting pictures of my cherry popover muffins for tomorrow since I'm not sure I'll be posting tomorrow.  I will have my computer, but not exactly sure what the day will look like, so in case I don't say so tomorrow- Happy National Cherry Popover Day (on Sunday).  My popovers didn't pop as much as I wanted them to, but I suspect that has something to do with the fact that I had to use cherry pie filling as opposed to fresh cherries (again!) since I still couldn't find any fresh cherries.  Oh well, it's the intent, right.

Alright, things to do!  GO BLUE!

Happy National Trail Mix Day

 Ready for lunch

 Think I might need to print this one out :)

 Ham & Swiss on Rye!

 Block M jello - love it!

 Let's Go Blue!

 Tomorrow starts "National Waffle Week" and I decided to get a jump on the celebrating. Today during the game we had Pizza Waffles!  I used my homemade pizza dough in the waffle maker to make this tasty dinner

Cherry Popovers without much pop

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