Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dates, Nuts, Football and Leaves - must be Fall!

 Did you see that game last night??  Oh my goodness, I'm still walking tall after a huge Michigan victory over Notre Dame last night.  And (thank goodness) without too much drama, especially at the last minute.  It seems like this game always causes my blood pressure to sky rocket (can anyone say Denard Robinson Hail Mary 2 years ago under the lights???) 'til the final moment actually expires.  The win was fabulous, and my favorite part of the whole game was after, when the speakers at the Big House played the Chicken Dance.  FABULOUS!  Not a rivalry my butt - GO BLUE!

And I'd be remiss not to mention that the Lions won their opener today as well.  I only caught pieces of the game, so can't comment much other than on the final score.  Always nice to see the Lions chalk up a W, especially as if history stands true, they are few and far between.

We're not going to talk about the Tigers this weekend.  Grrrrr.....

Around here we took advantage of what turned out to be a beautiful day by first heading to Plymouth for the Fall Festival and then Maybury State park for a picnic and then some hiking.  Unfortunately, three pictures in at Plymouth my camera died.  Grrrr.....  But we had a great time!  We checked out a ton of classic cars, had a great time at the exhibit set up for kids by PNC (check out those pics below!), watched all the really cool rides on the midway, played some games, checked out the crafters and definitely enjoyed the smells emanating from the chicken BBQ.   We love Plymouth :)

Then, as I said it was off to Maybury for lunch, playing on the playground, a bit of a hike (the kids have already started picking up leaves for what promises to be quite the leaf collection), some wildlife watching as we spotted a snake and a good time on the swings giving underdogies.

We spent the rest of the day here chilling with the Lions, Tigers, making artwork (a certain college student we know who is not my brother should be watching her mailbox!), celebrating National Date Nut Bread Day and then Noah and I made a batch of cookies from his chocolate chip cookie cook book.  Geesh, I'm tired just writing up this recap :-p

School for the big one tomorrow, a coffee/playdate for the little one and I, grocery shopping, Wienerschnitzel and getting ready to send off Mikayla to school on Tuesday.  Noah's all excited because he's taking the bus for the first time tomorrow so it should be quite the day.  Until then...

Another great even hosted by the City of Plymouth

 They were captivated watching some of the rides on the Midway

 PNC had this really great event set up that was interactive for both kiddos.

 Mikayla wants to be a police officer!

 Orange Date Nut Bread

 Everyone here gave this a thumbs up

 Noah ready to make some cookies

 These are chocolate chip with rice puff cereal - he loved them

 This is what they got from PNC - Firefighter Noah!

Police Officer Mikayla

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