Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mikayla's Invasion

"Hi, this is Mikayla.  I went on the swings today.  I went down the hill and they didn't have any cardboard and I rolled down the hill.  And we got me and Daddy sitting in the chairs made out of rock.  And me and Noah stand next to the sign.  After lunch I folded all the socks and Noah folded all his socks.  And I read Goldbug today.  I found Goldbug.  After my nap we went outside to take a bike ride.  We went fast on the way home.  I read books with Daddy after my bike ride and Daddy read Noah's books.  I had an ice cream cone with a jelly bean on top.  And Daddy left the pink one for me.  And  I used the cone to make a spyglass.  Then I cleaned the dishes with Mama.  I am posting the blog with Mommy.  I am going to take a bath after I post the blog.  Love you, bye!"

I can't even begin to try to top (or explain) that.  White chocolate tomorrow.  Until then...

We checked out the Birmingham Street Art Fair this morning (and even made a purchase!).  Then we strolled through the awesome Birmingham Farmer's Market and headed over for some play time at Booth Park

 As Mikayla mentioned, no cardboard left at the hill today, but they had to play anyway

 Riding on the swings

 She's getting so big

 Taking a rest in the rock maze

 Or climbing over it

 Quick - sugar or waffle??  Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day!

Gotta admit these are one of my favorite 'cute' foods yet

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  1. You're going to have to list her as one of the contributors now. Love you.