Saturday, September 28, 2013

A is for Apple, P is for Picking

 We're in Fremont for the night. We came in this afternoon to head to Eshelman's Orchard to do some apple picking.   We got our fill of golden delicious, jonathans and honey crisps and I can't wait to get them home and make some apple pie filling :)

In other news, Happy National Strawberry Cream Pie Day!

Off canoeing tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get a post up then.  Oh, and in case I don't - Happy National Coffee Day tomorrow!  If you're a huge coffee drinker like we Gatchel's are, make sure you head to Tim Horton's and tell them Happy National Coffee day to get a free cup of coffee when you buy one :)

Until then..

Happy National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

 Mikayla works on her twist and pull technique again

 Grandma and the Bean

 A helping lift from Uncle Scott

 A girl and her Godfather being followed by a brother in some cool shades

Uncle Scott spoiled them by bringing them both a treat from campus.  Noah got lego candy!

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