Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Me and My Shadow

Kristi's Note:  HAPPY 500TH POST!!!!!!

The Bean has suddenly decided its cool to hang with Mom.  Constantly.   She used to be all about being a Daddy's girl, but over the past week or so, I can't turn without her being there underfoot.  I'm sure it has quite a bit to do with all the change going on around here, but I've got to admit it is nice to be so loved.

Tonight we're sitting at dinner (where it is getting darker and darker by the second thanks to the thunderstorms rolling through) discussing what we should accomplish this evening.  Grant mentioned that Bella was in need of food, I suggested that the recyclables could go too, when the little voice next to me pipes up with "Mama, I want to stay here with you."  I told Kayla that I was going to go, too and the lip came out into a pout.  Reverse psychology time.  "Well, if I stay here I'm going to be scrubbing garbage cans and organizing the spice pantry tonight and you don't want to do that." (Yes, these things were on my eventual to do list, that "when I get 30 minutes where I need to feel like I've accomplished a long sanding task" list, but I had no intention of doing them tonight...)  "Yes I do!"  Of course, she did.  "I wanna do the 'pices!" (We're still working on esses) and of course, the older one has to add "Me too!"  Really?

So this evening as I type this I have a sparkly clean garbage can and well organized spice cabinet thanks to my newly acquired shadow.  That'll teach me I suppose.

While Noah was at school today Kayla and I headed out to do some shopping.  It was my intention to 1) spend the Children's Place cash ($20 off a $40 purchase, score!) to fill out Kayla's wardrobe a little bit 2) get socks for Noah so he stops telling me every night how many pairs he has left and suggesting that perhaps I should do the laundry 3) get a couple of items Grant had requested and 4) my main goal was to get some items to fill out my fall wardrobe.

Accomplished the first three.

Total fail on the fourth.  Go figure.  I came home with something for everyone BUT myself.  I mean, the Bean gets 2 pairs of shoes and my consolation prize was a new scent portable for my car (Kristina Kunkle - have you been to B&BW yet for their Fall smells???  Made me miss you today!)  Oh the irony of being a Mom some days.

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of other things today.

Happy 10 years of togetherness to my One and Only.  We've officially been a couple for 10 years as of today.  Thankful for every moment!

Happy National Hot Cross Buns Day!  Grant stuck around this morning and had breakfast with us to celebrate.  My house smelled absolutely amazing this morning as they baked.

And finally, my heart goes out to the entire nation tonight as we celebrate the 12th anniversary of 9/11.  Prayers for all those who lost loved ones.

Tomorrow is PTA Thursday as I've got a Board Meeting and its Curriculum Night at school.   Should be interesting.  And we'll fit chocolate milkshakes in there!  Until then...

Hot Cross Buns

Mikayla's haul - can you tell what her favorite colors are?

 New shoes, too.  She went up 2 full sizes since the last time she got shoes

 Noah reading a book to Grant tonight


  1. Has Noah been talking to Papa? It's his favorite thing to tell me how many 1) pairs of underwear; 2) logo shirts; 3) pairs of socks. They must be related!

  2. 500 posts! Very impressive!

    I haven't been to BBW yet; I need to get on that!