Thursday, September 26, 2013

Noah's Invasion

Noah 'wrote' this all on his own, with just a few prompts ;-)  Enjoy!

Hi, this is me, Noah.  I am in kindergarten.  It is very fun to be in kindergarten.  You have to be five in order to go to kindergarten.  My teacher's name is Mrs. Burkmyre.  We all have great days.  My favorite part of school is having free choice time.  I like to play outside, too.  You can do lots when you're in kindergarten even though you have a full day.   I know that some people would want to ride the bus in the neighborhood that they're in if the school is in it, but the bus is for people who are far away and then go to that school.  I love riding the bus.  Mr. Grumpy is my favorite bus driver in the whole wide world.  He calls me "Hollywood"

I just saw some deer out the window in Mikayla's room and in the dining room.  There were four deer.  Bella was barking at the deer.  It was still OK that she was barking at the deer 'cause they couldn't hear her.

Mommy always does the National Food Days because she wants to be celebrating.  Today is National Pancake Lover's Day.  Everybody loves pancakes, we know.  My favorite kind of pancake is 'smores.

It is very fun to celebrate these national food days and they are good, too.  My favorite was the three P salad.  There are peanuts, peas and pickles in it.  It tasted like hard pickles, as hard as peanuts.

That's all for the day.  Bye!

Love, Noah

My twosome this morning as Kayla and I got ready to head to the orchard

 She was ready (with Tinkerbell boots!) to go

 We tried to get some pictures together

 Eli's little sister, Eveyln, tried to steal Kayla's shades

 Finally a good one!

 Today, as Mikayla shared with all of us at dinner 
"I learned today you twist and then pull an apple off the tree"

 The Bean hauls our pickings!

 She couldn't resist sampling the goods

 Lining up for a class pick

 Cider and Donuts!  (she kindly only ate 1/2 her donut and brought the other half home for her brother)


 Climbing the haystacks

 Stuffed Potato Pancakes

 I used some of our apples to make homemade applesauce for with dinner tonight

 Everyone loved the stuffed potato panckes

And Oreo Pancakes for dessert!

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