Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheeseburgers (And Rainbow Cupcakes!)

Not a lot of time tonight, so just a really brief post with lots of pictures.

Kayla and I Kid Kitchened and went to see "Turbo"  We all went to  Beechview's Ice Cream Social tonight and had a blast and celebrated cheeseburgers!  FABULOUS Day!  Butterscotch pudding, MOPS and all kinds of fun tomorrow.  Until then...

My baby Bean

Two lovely ladies in the kitchen

Whisking away

We made rainbow cupcakes - mixing up our colored batter

Mikayla matched up her frosting knives with the colored frosting we created

All by herself!

Sprinkling away

Taking these to MOPS in the morning since this is the recipe I posted in the week's newsletter


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  1. Mmmm! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Makes me hungry . . .