Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apple Dumpling Gang

I know you've all been waiting  today to find out what Mikayla 'learned' today after the great pumpkin revelation yesterday.  I have to admit, so did I and I spent the majority of the day with her.


"At school today I learned that bears shouldn't ride motorcycles through windows."

I was more prepared this time and asked her how she learned this to which she then shared with us all that they had read a book about a boy who had a dream about bears.  That I can follow.

Still can't bring myself to ask her about the pumpkins, though.

It's been one of those crazy jam packed days that I know I accomplished a ton and I'm still not quite sure which way is up.  I was up for a good chunk of the night with a raging headache that actually led me to head out to Walgreens super early this morning just to try to find something to combat it.  Upon return I decided cinnamon rolls were in order since Grant had stayed a little later than usual so I could run out.  But I didn't really want to wait for the oven to pre-heat, bake, cool, etc.  Check out my Plan B below :)

Then I managed to get Noah on the bus, laundry going (only 5 loads today....), Kayla off to school, catch up with my friend, Jen for awhile (yay to Tuesday mornings, they are becoming my new favorite morning of the week), more laundry, dinner prepped, sheets changed, Kayla picked up, the MOPS bulletin board done, laundry finished, apple dumplings made, work, lots of emails exchanged on PTA related stuff, Noah picked up and dinner on the table all before 6pm.  I'm beat.

So at the moment I'm finishing up this post, putting away the clean dishes, prepping coffee for tomorrow morning, finishing up some work at the office and then sitting down and just watching the game for awhile.  I think I've MORE than earned it today, hehehe.

I mentioned them above, but Happy National Apple Dumpling Day. I made some absolutely fabulous apple dumplings we feasted on for dessert this evening.  I was wise about it and put them in the oven to bake just before we sat down to dinner so they were perfectly warm and ready for a scoop of ice cream by the time we finished up.  This makes me wish it were fall all the time.

Kayla and I are going to Kid Kitchen in the morning, then if she behaves I've told her I would take her and see Turbo since she missed out the other night.  Then it'll be back here for the afternoon before heading off to school for the PTA's Ice Cream Social tomorrow evening.  And a white board that keeps track of my menus for the week is reminding me it's cheeseburgers tomorrow!  So until then...

My solution to having to heat the oven to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Grant, Noah and Kayla polished off an entire batch (8) rolls this morning.  Instant hit.

 It was Picture Day for Kayla today.  She primped and practiced her smile for 15 minutes before leaving the house this morning

 Oh how I love them

 The Bean hanging with me while I worked on the MOPS board

 Perhaps not my most creative work ever, but I'm proud of it anyway :) (And yes, I realize there's a big empty space - it's for a group picture that we're going to take on Thursday)

 Apple Dumplings

Another time I wish my computer had smell capacity

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