Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Big Stinky Cheese

There were cheers at my MOPS meeting this morning when I announced it was National Cheese Pizza Day.  I think a lot of the local pizza places can thank me for a boost in their revenue this evening.  There was more than one Mom who said their family was going to be celebrating tonight, too :)

Of course, around here, I could never do something as simple as just make (or goodness forbid, order) a cheese pizza.  Nope, we have to go creative. So my family had macaroni and cheese pizza tonight!  If you've ever been to CiCi's you might be familiar with this kind of pizza.  It's just what it sounds like - macaroni and cheese on top of pizza dough :-p  How can any kid NOT go nuts for this?  Two proven kid friendly meals wrapped into one - excellent!

In other news around here today, it is officially my nine (yes, nine) year 'Ketraversary'  Can you believe that I've been working for the best Estate Planning attorney in Peoria for NINE years?  (This also means that come next week Grant and I will have been together for 10 years.  Even scarier!)  I am incredibly grateful for my job and the fact that I've been able to continue to work even after moving across the country (twice!) and having both Noah and Kayla.  I know I've got a good thing going, so many thanks to Ketra (and Beth!) for putting up with me for nine years.

Noah has school again tomorrow (I have to admit that I'm honestly kind of looking forward to next week and just establishing a routine with school.  I liked having him for two more days, but there's something to be said for just ripping off the band-aid of losing him instead of this gradual transition.  Plus I lose the other baby on Tuesday's and Thursday's starting next week, too...), Kayla and I are back to storytime on Friday morning, then lunch with some of the Beechview parents and I have a MOPS steering committee retreat tomorrow night.  And we'll be celebrating coffee ice cream in there somewhere.  Phew, what a day it'll be!  Until then...

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!

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